Fürdőközpontok program

Vissza nem térítendő támogatás fürdőközpontok számára

Beneficiaries: commercial companies
Investments in the spas or spa resorts provided in GD no. 1016/2011

Amount of funding
max. 200.000 euro
Non-refundable financing
Eligible activities

• construction, expansion and rehabilitation of tourist capacities, food, accomodation and spa treatment;
• the construction, extension and rehabilitation of health, cultural, sporting and leisure activities;
• the purchase of equipment, furniture and medical devices;
• the purchase of means of transport;
• development of tourist information centers and their equipment;
• professional training for people with qualifications in the Hotel, Restaurant and Café industries / people with medical and sanitary training;
• Expenses for newly created jobs of medical and sanitary staff.


Maintenance of the investment for a minimum of 10 years.

Implementation period

12 months.

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